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According to new Cardiogram study, Ordinary wearables can flag signs of diabetes

Ordinary wearables can flag signs of diabetes

Ordinary wearables can flag signs of diabetes Upbeat published an interview with Cardiogram co-founders Johnson Hsieh (JH) and Brandon Ballinger (BB). They reveal a new study about heart rate sensor. Johnson Hsieh said A new N=14,011 study shows heart rate sensors you’re wearing already—like the Apple Watch, Android Wear, Garmin, or Fitbits—can detect …

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Fujitsu FIP Provides Mitsubishi Motors Health Insurance

Mitsubishi Motors Health Insurance Society

Fitbit’s wearable devices and services will soon be included in Japanese tech company Fujitsu’s corporate wellness program. The program will offer 10,000 employees of Mitsubishi Motors Health Insurance Society a chance to earn redeemable fitness points using the Fitbit Charge 2 and a cloud-based data system, thereby making it one …

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World’s Smallest ECG, claims Cronovo

A team based in the UK has set out to perfect the health-based smartwatch technology with the Cronovo smartwatch. Capable of tracking stress levels, metabolism and heart rate, the brand claims its watch is the world’s smallest ECG. “With Cronovo, we’ve combined the ease-of-use and smartness of traditional watches, health …

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Wearable Devices for women: Fetal Activity Monitor

The wearable device is a growing market, from the prospect of technologies and investors. Technologies and innovators are bringing many innovative ideas to solve the problems and at the same time investors are also investing in this areas. Forbes projected the wearable device market size is $34 Billion By 2020. …

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