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Coming Techs of this week : 15 August 2017

Coming Techs of this week : 15 August 2017

Robot & Artificial Intelligence

  • IBM Watson Makes a Treatment Plan for Brain Cancer Patient in 10 Minutes; Doctors Take 160 Hours

brain cancerIn treating brain cancer, time is of the essence. A new study, in which IBM Watson took just 10 minutes to analyze a brain cancer patient’s genome and suggest a treatment plan, demonstrates the potential of artificially intelligent medicine to improve patient care. But although human experts took 160 hours to make a comparable plan, the study’s results weren’t a total victory of machine over humans. [More]

  • Deep-learning methods successfully classify thousands of herbarium samples

plant species for scienceComputer algorithms trained on the images of thousands of preserved plants have learned to automatically identify species that have been pressed, dried and mounted on herbarium sheets, researchers report.[More]


Science & Technology

  • SpaceX Falcon 9, Dragon target Monday launch from KSC

spaceX Falcon 9SpaceX and NASA engineers will gather Sunday at Kennedy Space Center to confirm their readiness for a planned Monday afternoon launch of International Space Station supplies. Liftoff by a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon cargo capsule from KSC’s pad 39A is scheduled for 12:31 p.m. Monday.[More]

  • Cold comfort: How chilling the lungs could beat heart attacks

If you can’t restart a stopped heart within 5 minutes, brain damage starts. But using the lungs as a heat exchanger to chill the blood may buy us more time. HERE’S a fact that might chill the cockles of your heart: if your ticker stops, you have less than 5 minutes to get it going again before your brain experiences irreversible damage. But there could soon be a way to open that window much wider, thanks to a technique that rapidly cools the body to exploit the life-saving powers of another notorious killer: hypothermia.[More]

  • Researchers encode malware in DNA, compromise DNA sequencing software

Researcher encode DNAWith everyone from academics to Microsoft looking at the prospect of storing data using DNA, it was probably inevitable that someone would start looking at the security implications. Apparently, they’re worse than most people might have expected. It turns out it’s possible to encode computer malware in DNA and use it to attack vulnerabilities on the computer that analyzes the sequence of that DNA.[More]

Business & startup

  • Bitcoin just passed $4,000

bitcoinWhat a day for Bitcoin. 24 hours ago the cryptocurrency was trading below $3,700. About an hour ago it surged passed $4,000 and has no signs of stopping. It’s now trading around $4,135.00. For reference, a week ago Bitcoin hit an all-time high as it passed $3,000 for the first time. Check out the chart below to see what the price has done in the last 24 hours. So the million. [More]

  • Could This Millennial ‘Crypto’ Tech Visionary Be The Next Jack Ma?

Next Jack Ma?A protégé of billionaire Alibaba founder Jack Ma, Justin Sun, CEO of Chinese blockchain-based platform TRON that aims to disrupt the global digital entertainment industry, is behind the launch of an upcoming crowdfund this September. But might he also he prove to be the ‘next Mr Ma’ in the making? [More]

  • Facebook buys computer vision startup focused on adding objects to video

Facebook has acquired a German company called Fayteq that builds software add-ons for video editing that can remove and add whole objects from captured video using computer vision. The acquisition was first reported by a German startup publication (via Variety) and confirmed to TechCrunch, and could be useful as Facebook pursues additional video filter creation technology, both for its live. [More]


  • Senseonics keeps busy with Europe launch, Roche partnerships while FDA wait continues

As implantable CGM company Senseonics continues to wait for clearance from the FDA, the company isn’t sitting on its hands. On a Q2 earnings call, CEO Tim Goodnow reported that the company continues to expand its operations in Europe, is close to a CE Mark for a longer-lasting second generation device, and is partnering with Roche and Type Zero on an artificial pancreas study with an eye on commercialization. [More]

  • Automatic Heart Analyzing CADence System Cleared by FDA

CADence-deviceAUM Cardiovascular, a company out of Northfield, Minnesota, won FDA clearance for its CADence system, which is a novel combination of a stethoscope and ECG in one device. The CADence is intended to be used by primary care physicians to help spot suspicious cardiac murmurs that should be referred to cardiologists. [More]



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