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Coming three big technologies

3D printing:

3D printing3D printing is one of Coming three big technologies. Advances in 3D printing have already enabled to use a wide range of materials, including advanced nickel alloys, carbon fiberglass, conductive ink, electronics and biological material. These innovations are driving user demand as the practical applications for 3D printers to more sectors. The growing rate range of 3D printable will drive a compound annual growth rate of 64% for enterprise 3D printer shipment through 2019.


Autonomous Agents:

Autonomous AgentsMachine learning gives rise to the spectrum of small machine implementations including robots, autonomous vehicles, virtual personal assistants and smart advisors that act in an autonomous manner. While advances in physical smart machines such as robots get a great deal of beyond classic computing and information management to create attention, the software-based smart machines have a more near-term and broader impact.


Advanced Machine Learning:

Advanced Machine LearningMachine learning gives the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Advance machine learning moved beyond classic computing and information management to create systems that can autonomously learn to perceive the world, on their own. The Advanced Machine Learning is technology automate these tasks and make it possible to address key challenges related to the information of everything.




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