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The 2nd China Autonomous Vehicle Summit 2018

19 April 2018 @ 6:51 am – 20 April 2018 @ 7:51 am
No.1699, Jinshajiang Road, Putuo District
ECV International - Planning and Organizing Conference_Event
+86 21 8026 0707

Summit Highlights

  • Interpretation of US Self Drive Act (H.R. 3388)and the Impact on Self-driving Cars Development.
  • Welcome to the Roboconomy.
  • LIDAR in the Development of Autonomous Vehicles.
  • Current Situation of Autonomous Vehicles in China.
  • Cellular IOV Technology Guarantees Autonomous Driving Safety.5G V2X Industry and Solutions.
  • Design of Autonomous SoC.
  • Panel Discussion: Challenge and Opportunity of Realizing Autonomous Driving in Urban Environment.
  • Map Standards on the Key Road to Autonomous Driving.
  • Facilitate Autonomous Vehicles with Low-Cost LiDAR.
  • High-precision Camera to Build the Eyes of Autonomous Vehicles.
  • Creating the Brain of Self Driving Vehicles.
  • Deep Learning Algorithm of Autonomous Vehicle.
  • The Use of Reinforcement Learning in Autonomous Driving for Vehicular Path Planning.
  • Latest Advanced Driver Assistance System of Autonomous Vehicles.
  • Intelligent Automatic Parking System.
  • Fleet Management of Autonomous Commercial Vehicles.
  • Latest Active Safety Technology.
  • Intelligent HMI Systems Improve the Experience in Autonomous Driving.
  • Autonomous Driving Urges the Pattern of Business to Transform.
  • Security is Necessary for Safety in the Autonomous Vehicles.

The 2nd China Autonomous Vehicle Summit 2018Vehicles with assistant systems and partially automated driving capabilities are expected to occupy 50% of the automobile market until 2020, according to Technology Roadmap for Energy Saving and New Energy Vehicles; until 2025, the market share of vehicles with highly automated driving capabilities will reach 15%; vehicles with fully automated driving capabilities, until 2030, will occupy nearly 10% of the automobile market.The development of autonomous vehicles not only concerns the interests of players in the traditional automobile industry, emerging science & technology enterprises and consumers but also touches upon the core issues including the quality of the finished automobiles and transformation of the automobile industry. Inspired by the industrial trend, the summit focuses on a wide spectrum of issues including policy planning for autonomous vehicles around the globe, the status quo and development of autonomous vehicles in China, the latest technology for developing autonomous vehicles, automotive networking technology, the application of artificial intelligence in autonomous vehicles, cybersecurity issues on autonomous driving and the status quo and development of business models for autonomous vehicles.
Meanwhile, the summit serves as a platform for enterprises in the automobile industry to exchange views and seek cooperation opportunities.

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