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Blockchain Economic Summit

16 August 2018 – 17 August 2018 all-day
Kuala Lumpur
$389 - $2,000
AlphaCap Bhd

Gain insights into the array of investment opportunities provided by Blockchain Technology:

What is blockchain and why is it disrupting the world as we know it?

How to trade, buy and mine digital currencies

How to store cryptocurrencies safely

The role and views of regulators, auditors and legal experts

Can the value of altcoins continue to rise in this year?

The latest blockchain innovations

How to invest safely and avoid potential pitfalls

How to navigate the ICO market

The Bloconomic will discuss the real use cases and future prospect of the Blockchain in areas of finance, global payment system, traveling healthcare, energy trading, digital identity authentication, electronic record authentication, IoT, supply chain management and government governance, E-KYC, etc, and address the opportunities and challenges ahead. We aim to create a Blockchain network of entrepreneurs and developers in the fast-evolving Blockchain economy, to explore the new business models and unrecognized opportunities in the Blockchain world. The summit will empower the creation of the new technology-driven financial eco-system and reconfiguration of the future by the Blockchain technology.

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