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Blockchain Opportunities Summit Canada

10 April 2018 – 11 April 2018 all-day

Blockchain is the new buzz word in the technology industry, but is it the real deal or another fad? To answer this very question, we are organizing Blockchain Opportunities Summit Canada on April 10-11 2018 in Toronto.

The focus of the summit is to provide a better understanding of various economic sectors that core Blockchain technologies can help transform and what does that transformation look like. At this summit, you will hear from experts from banking and finance, public sector, payments, legal, healthcare, manufacturing…

At this summit, you will be able to separate myth from reality and get a better understanding of how Blockchain can be used in various economic sectors, what is its potential and how it will affect your work.

Along with Blockchain Summit, we are also hosting two workshops:

  • Blockchain 101, half day, to help people get the basic understanding of Blockchain technology.
  • A one-day exhaustive Technical certification workshop, held by The Blockchain Hub of York University, this one will count towards your full Blockchain certification programme from York University.

This is a must-attend event for anyone trying to make sense of Blockchain technology and its benefits and challenges it presents.


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