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Internet of Things World Developer Conference

15 May 2019 – 16 May 2019 all-day
Santa Clara Convention Center,
+1 646 895 7410

Internet of Things World Developer Conference

May 15-16, 2019

Santa Clara Convention Center,

The 2nd annual IoT World Developer Conference is the place where developers, architects, and engineers come together to design and build more successful IoT products. Taking place May 15 – 16, this technical conference will allow attendees to learn how to lead successful IoT developments through breakout sessions, workshops, and the hackathon. This conference is home to the design and development community at Internet of Things World. Now in its 6th year, Internet of Things world is a global conference and exhibition bringing together over 12,500 strategists, technologists, developers, and implementers.

Internet of Things World Developer Conference


  • Exploring Development Challenges with IoT Data
  • Developer Case Study: Mobile User Recognition
  • From Ideation to Commercialization: Bringing an IoT Product to Life
  • Mapping New Directions with Location-Based Intelligence and Services
  • Using IoT-Enabled Methane Sensing to Enhance Gas Energy Safety
  • Build Complex Things, Simply
  • Building End-to-End IoT Security
  • 5 Behaviors for Tight IoT Security
  • How to Build an IoT Backend Using Node.js, Serverless & Docker
  • The Fast and the Curious: Smart Ways to Speed Building and Deployment
  • Hardware Updates for Software People
  • Predictive Analytics for IoT Data

The Developer Conference is a two-day technical conference for developers, hardware engineers and architects working on IoT solutions. Learn from the world’s leading companies and open source projects who will present the information needed to lead successful IoT developments.

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