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Telco Data Analytics & AI USA

28 November 2018 – 29 November 2018 all-day
Crowne Plaza San Francisco Airport
San Francisco
+44 (0) 20 7107 5506


Telco Data Analytics & AI USA is the only telco focused analytics and AI event that promises to bring together the most influential figures from the telco community to discuss best practice as well as share with our audience unique insights into new innovations around data analytics.


Telco Data Analytics & AI USA


Key Themes:

  • Creating a Sustainable Analytics Culture
  • Improving QoS With Big Data Analytics in the Service and Network Domains
  • The Use of Analytics to Meet Customer Demands and Optimize Sales Channel Performance
Key Topics:
  • Customer Churn Prevention with Predictive Analytics
  • The Potential of AI, MI, Deep Learning, Prescriptive and Cognitive Analytics
  • Advanced Analytics for 5G networks

This year, with an exciting new AI focus, Telco Data Analytics & AI USA will not only provide a platform for the most innovative service providers in North America but will also host a handful of the most exciting tech companies with sophisticated analytics and AI strategies. Advances in network architecture as well as products and services means that service providers today are presented with not only unfamiliar data sets but also more complex customer requirements that require new sophisticated approaches to data analytics. These new approaches to analytics, which is now aided by AI integrated solutions has redefined the way telco teams operate today whom now emphasis digital transformation through innovative strategies above everything else.

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