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Fog computing

Probably you have heard the term “Cloud Computing”, but there is another new term is pop-up recently – “Fog Computing”. Fog computing is a term created by Cisco that refers to extending cloud computing to the edge of an enterprise’s network. Also known as Edge Computing or fogging, fog computing facilitates the operation of computing, storage, and networking services between end devices and cloud computing data centers.



We are moving towards decentralized ecosystem. I believe “fog Computing” will play a vital role in developing the decentralized ecosystem in term of software, hardware, and connectivity.We are expecting the application in Smart Grid, IoT, connected vehicles, Wireless Sensor and much more.

On November 19, 2015, Cisco Systems, ARM Holdings, Dell, Intel, Microsoft, and Princeton University, founded the OpenFog Consortium, to promote interests and development in fog computing. Cisco Sr. Managing-Director Helder Antunes became the consortium’s first chairman and Intel’s Chief IoT Strategist Jeff Fedders became its first president.

The OpenFog Consortium (sometimes stylized as Open Fog Consortium) is a consortium of high tech industry companies and academic institutions across the world aimed at the standardization and promotion of fog computing in various capacities and fields.The Open Fog Consortium has been formed to solve some of today’s most common challenges, such as high latency on the network, support of end point mobility, loss of connectivity, unpredictable bandwidth bottlenecks and distributed coordination of systems and clients. With an architecture that enables end-user clients or near-user edge devices to carry out computation, communication, control and storage can enable rapid innovation, client-centric objectives, pooling of local resources, and real-time processing in cyber-physical systems.

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