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Healthcare is changing

Healthcare is changing

Healthcare is changing

Healthcare is changing and requires doing more with less. To be successful through this change, providers need to adapt how care is managed outside of the traditional system.

There are many startups that are focusing the better management of the patient and improves the connectivity/communications between doctor and patients. Force Therapeutics is one of the growing startups in Newyork USA, who is focusing those areas. They are also developing remote patient monitor system. Patients do better when they know someone is looking over their care. More than 85% of patients use Force. Clients have seen material improvements in post-acute consumption, readmission rates and patient & physician satisfaction. Healthcare is changingBronwyn Spira  and Mark Lieberman founded this 2009. I enjoyed the blog and post of her team. With my experience in remote patient monitor system, I learned that building a system or platform may not be technically challenging, the challenges are how we will engage the player on it. We need good use case and gamification.

Force clients have unprecedented access to patient data, which guides them in creating higher-quality protocols. More quality data now, makes evidence-based practice possible in the future.

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