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I feel quite sad in sharing the fact that the number of heart failures (HF) across the globe have increased drastically and is expected to increase by 46% by 2030. Careligo (a healthcare organization) has recently launched an e-health tool that educates patients on when they need to contact their clinics based on a simple parameter like weight. This device is especially useful for patients above the age of 65 as most of them do not know how to use Internet. This amazing tool is called OPTILOGG, a tablet device that is programmed to detect “Heart Failure” worsening and help treat it with diuretics (drug used for increasing urination in the body) dosage according to the weight of patients. If the patient weight is more than an identified range of weight, they are advised to contact their respective clinics.

OPTILOGG is specifically useful for patients above 65 years of age who cannot afford admission into hospitals frequently; also there are very few patients out of these heart failure cases who have access to the Internet. After conducting a detailed market analysis, OPTILOGG seems to have reduced the in-hospital time to more than 25% and has empowered heart patients with better self-care. The best part is that OPTILOGG is offered as a subscription, which means no heavy investments to be made. Moreover, Careligo does not charge anything for maintenance and technical support so patients who have consumed more than 60% of their medical allowances are capable of affording this wonderful solution.

All that you need to do is get on OPTILOGG for about 30 seconds every day. The device t maintains a log and gives you directions based on your medical history.

Have a happy heart!

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