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LSEV is a $7,500 3-D printed electric car from XEV

LSEV is a $7,500 3-D printed electric car from XEV

LSEV is a $7,500 3-D printed electric car from XEV, it only took three days to make according to the creator. All of the components in LSEV were printed except for the chassis, seats, and glass. The two-seater looks a lot like a Smart car, but it isn’t quite as fast. Its top speed is about 43 miles per hour. It can travel about 93 miles on a single charge.

The car will be available in Asia and Europe in 2019.

LSEV Can Be Constructed In 3 Days For $7,500

The best part about the 3D-printed LSEV car is that it will only take up to three days to construct the light and innovative vehicle. The 3D-printed vehicle is said to weigh less than 1,000 pounds and 3D-printing means there is 70% reduction of investment cost. The LSEV has already received 7,000 pre-orders and can be customized. In the future, the company will allow customers to customize their ride even more so. As of right now, customers can 3-D print with Polymaker Industrial, which is a developer of 3-D printing materials. Italy has already ordered LSEV 5,000 cars and another 2,000 cars will be leased out. Read More


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