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Portable Medical Device : Checkme Pro

Portable Medical Device

There are many portable devices are coming in market with multifaceted feature. Among them I found the Viatomtech’s Checkme Pro is very interesting. Although it’s primary target is the community of medical professionals, home users can be benifited from it also. It records electrocardiogram (electrophysiology of your heart), measures blood oxygen saturation, the number of steps we take a day, serves as a thermometer, a blood pressure tracker, sleep monitor and a reminder. Continuous ECG monitor might be helpful for realted patients.

Portable Medical Device


Viatomtech’s Checkme Pro products are :

• ECG Recorder: Supports both cable and cable-free operation.  & 500 Hz sampling rate and wide bandwidth.
• ECG Holter: It is easy to wear and use. The report includes not only heart rate and rhythm, but also HRV (heart rate variability)
• Pulse Oximeter: Oxygen saturation, pulse rate and pulse strength are available. External disposable SpO2 sensor is available
• Sleep Monitor: Comfortable wristband and soft-cover SpO2 sensor. Records SpO2 and Pulse Rate up to 10 hours. Checkme is an ideal device for monitoring and screening sleep problems, such as Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).
• Remote Monitor: Real-time waveform and readings are displayed on both device and tablet/phone. It can be used in a wide range of application scenarios, including Outpatient, Emergency, First-aid kit, Surgeries and so on.
• Thermometer: Integrated infrared temperature sensor with high accuracy.  Very easy to use and quick to get reading
• Pedometer: This device accurately calculate steps, calories and amount of fat burned. It is Built-in high accuracy 3D smart sensor
• BP Tracker: Tracking your blood pressure variation, takes only 20 seconds. It will  Track your blood pressure variation.

Viatom Cloud is a powerful system which makes patients and clinicians connected easily. Data can flow from one person to another seamlessly and freely under authorization. Both patients and doctors benefit from the bit stream.

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