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Qualcomm teams with Benchmark Electronics

Qualcomm teams with Benchmark Electronics on wearable patches

Benchmark is targeting a 2018 launch date for the biometric patches.

Qualcomm teams with Benchmark Electronics on wearable patches

Qualcomm Life is working with electronics company Benchmark to create low-cost, disposable biometric patches that will help hospitals to monitor patients inside and outside the hospital.

“A patient walks in the door, the first thing that happens is a patch is placed on them,” said Rick Valencia, head of Qualcomm Life, the company’s wireless healthcare arm. “So hospitals and clinics are already beginning to capture vital signs and biometric data from the patient.”

Several companies make wearable patches for everything from monitoring athletic activity to delivering time-release drugs.

The patch will measure temperature and 3D motion at first, but Valencia said that over the time, the plan is to add additional biometrics, as long as it can be done while keeping the costs down. “There’s a lot of interesting sensor technology out there, but the really important stuff like blood pressure is really, really complicated,” he said. “No one has that solved yet with a simple one-application patch, and I don’t expect that to be solved anytime soon, but eventually it might be. So I could see over time more and more sensor technology being put onto these devices.”

Qualcomm is an American multinational semiconductor and telecommunications equipment company that designs and markets wireless telecommunications products and services. 

Benchmark will build the device and be the manufacturer of record for the FDA, Qualcomm is helping develop the technology. Qualcomm will also handle the connectivity through its 2net platform, which will allow the patch to send data to EHRs, mobile devices, care dashboards, or wherever else a particular provider customer needs the data to go. (Read more)

News & Image Source: MobiHealthNewsThe San Diego Union-Tribune

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