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Scientists hack into a computer using DNA

Scientists hack into a computer using DNA

Scientists hack into a computer using DNA

Hack a Computer Using DNADNA is nature’s life-encoding molecule that store the information that need to be passed to the next ancestor. Scientist explored alternating ways to use this nature’s molecules for other means, something that we did not thought of before. One example is DNA can be used to store information. In 2012 George Church and colleagues at Harvard University stored digital information of 53,400 word book in a DNA. We can store about 215 million gigabytes of information in a single gram of DNA. Recently scientist from University of Washington used the DNA for hacking a computer. They created a synthetic DNA strand that contained malicious computer code in the DNA. Later that DNA’s data was converted into computer code that took over (hack) the computer. The scientist are calling it “DNA-based exploit of a computer system.”


Resources: https://www.technologyreview.com/s/608596/scientists-hack-a-computer-using-dna/

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