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Singapore digital healthcare

Singapore digital healthcare

Singapore Plans to give Access to the World’s Most Innovative Healthcare Technology around the Globe.

Digital healthcare plane

Today we have the perfect news for those who are hunting for efficient healthcare. Singapore has begun the journey towards the most technologically advanced (Digital) healthcare system. That will actually deliver healthcare at your doorstep. The Health Minister Gan Kim Yong aims at providing unconventional medical care around the globe. Technology will travel right from robotic aid to wearable sensors, automated pharmacies, and remotely accessible patient monitoring devices while reducing the need to visit hospitals more than 50%.

The foundation of a phenomenal Healthcare IT solution has already been laid by iHIS (Integrated Healthcare Information Systems) in the form of predictive analytics. It enables healthcare professionals to analyze the number of re-admissions required by discharged patients.

With thousand information about patient age, medical issues, visits to specialists and medication history. This system has helped around 2500 patients that required intensive care.
To add to your excitement, the next innovation is VSM (Vital Signs Machine). That is expected to be launched towards the end of the year. This device will help with timely treatment of conditions such as blood glucose, blood pressure hypertension, diabetes, and heart diseases remotely without having to schedule an appointment. Moreover, the plan is to launch “easy to use Healthcare apps” that act as virtual market places to order services like medical transportation, special meals delivery, therapist booking and personal care. Singapore is one of the pioneer countries to implement the digital healthcare that is expected to give more efficient healthcare.

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