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StandLogix makes any standing desk "Smart"

StandLogix makes any standing desk “Smart”

StandLogix makes any standing desk Smart

StandLogix makes any standing desk Smart. Nowadays “standing desk” is becoming popular. In my previous office, I used an adjustable desk and found less stressful than using conventional sitting-desk. There is a startup who can make any standing desk “Smart”. It will monitor the biometric activity and advice the user. StandLogix is founded by Erik Carver  in 2014. I found that they used gamification method (team-to-team challenges) to engage the users.

StandLogix maximizes the health and productivity benefits of standing desks by reminding users to sit and stand throughout their day, incorporating healthy movement that avoids both mental and physical fatigue.StandLogix activity data can reduce an employer’s insurance premiums as well as improve risk assessment algorithms for insurance providers.

Think FitBit for Standing desks.

Designed to work with any type of standing desk, StandLogix‘ desk-mounted device is able to passively sense when someone is at a desk, who they are, and whether they are sitting or standing.


StandLogix makes any standing desk "Smart"


Easily optimize desk usage, foster healthier employees and create leverageable data – effectively de-risking employee groups – that can even reduce insurance premiums.

StandLogix users stand up to 5X more than average – self-regulated – sit/stand users; creating a massive impact

By creating a healthy, supportive and meaningful work environment. employees are absent less often and more engaged. StandLogix creates a proactive, employee-health-focused environment that results in workplace culture that’s attractive to new employees and aids in retaining existing talent as well. This simple shift in optimal use of sit/stand desks creates a massive impact within an organization.

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