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Supports the success of life irreplaceable once in a lifetime

Supports the success of life irreplaceable once in a lifetime

Supports the success of life irreplaceable once in a lifetime

Finc is a personal coach, a mobile app that will assist to have a healthy life. It is a Japan-based startup and the interface is Japanese. From their mobile app’s screenshot, seems that they are grabbing the data from Fitbit and other wearable devices and suggest the user about food habit and exercises, personalized coaching advice. Since it is a Japan-based startup, they started with Japanese language apps and localized for Japan market. Hope that they will release the English version soon. From their news post and blogs, seems that they have expanded their partners with the big players like NEC. I should note that NEC has long experience in artificial intelligence areas. I hope that interesting product will be developed with Finc. Finc was founded by Yuji Mizoguchi.

FiNC is a healthcare prevention area specializing in smartphones healthcare venture.

Message from Finc is 

“Sudden rise in medical expenses, declining birthrate, aging population, population decline, economic downsizing etc … etc … Our problems are serious.”

Regardless of the vast market and looking at the current situation in Japan, despite the area where the most innovation has to take place.The issues listed at the beginning are occurring not only in Japan but all over the world. Even though each country has a big problem of consciousness, none of the countries still show clear solutions. If Japan can show this solution for the first time as the world’s most advanced country, it will be the next Toyota for the world and it will be possible to spread Japanese health widely.

That is why we are seriously thinking “FiNC’s daily history will decide Japan’s 20 years.” That is why we are enthusiastic about “making FiNC the world’s leading wellness company.”


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