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Wearable Devices for women: Fetal Activity Monitor

The wearable device is a growing market, from the prospect of technologies and investors. Technologies and innovators are bringing many innovative ideas to solve the problems and at the same time investors are also investing in this areas.

Forbes projected the wearable device market size is $34 Billion By 2020.

In this series, I will review few wearable devices for women.

The first product is still not in the market. TinyKick’s team are developing “Continuous Fetal Monitoring” system which is important for third-trimester duration (week 29-40) in the pregnancy time. Their eMotion system can sense the baby kicks. This system has two components, the sensor part needs to adhere to the skin (belly). The second component is the gateway which will receive the information from the sensor. The gateway will process the information and send back to a mobile phone to visualize the kick counts. The disposable sensors can be attached for 2-3 days for monitoring. Most probably they are doing the real trial with this system, as they were asking for volunteers for the trial at their facebook page in March 2016. I hope by this time they finished the trial and will be in the market soon.

My comment is, the similar type of devices such as kick, heartbeat, and fatal monitor systems are already in the market that you can buy at Amazon. I read the review of those products and seems that the customers are still not happy with the present solutions. So there is a window where TinyKick can try to grab the customers need.

Pregnant women care more about what’s happening to their bodies. For the reason health monitoring wearables designed for women to learn more about their pregnancy. There is a chance that Doctor may suggest for such product to the pregnant women, then this product will make money.

When my first boy born, I had the similar experience when my wife did not hear the kick for a while and we ran to the hospital. If I could find this product at that time, I could buy it. Based on my criteria, I will not put it the “Gift Category”, rather I will raise it to the “need category”

The CEO France Dixon Helfer is well known in the industry and usually driven by the business need. I am expecting that this product will be well tuned for the women and the market. I wish the success of her product.

My three categories:

  • Urgent: solving a very crucial problem.
  • Need: solve some passive problem
  • Gift: will not buy it with my own money. If someone gives me as a gift, I will try it.

More details you can find at their website:


(second part: coming soon)

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Dr. Mashiur Rahma is working in biomed and eHealth areas for over than 15 years. Currently he is living in Singapore.

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