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World’s Smallest ECG, claims Cronovo

A team based in the UK has set out to perfect the health-based smartwatch technology with the Cronovo smartwatch. Capable of tracking stress levels, metabolism and heart rate, the brand claims its watch is the world’s smallest ECG.

“With Cronovo, we’ve combined the ease-of-use and smartness of traditional watches, health devices and smartwatches to create a personal assistant and a pioneering gadget all rolled into one stylish watch,” said Cronovo co-founder Darin Philip.

Cronovo’s journey started in 2014; the following two years went into prototyping, software development and hardware design. They plan to start manufacturing from February, 2017 finally aiming for roll out and shipment by November, 2017.

Currently the team is seeking funding on Kickstarter, where it has raised over $34,000 of its $31,500 goal. They have already surpassed their crowdfunding goal, but if you’d like to support, the smartwatch is available now for the early bird price of $99.

While other wearables have often faced criticism for their relatively inaccurate heart rate tracking capabilities, Cronovo claims 99.9 % accuracy on Heart Rate when compared to FDA approved medical devices. An ECG, or electrocardiogram, tracks the electrical activity of the heart, and displays the results as a trace on a graph. Using this technology provides the Cronovo with a number of advantages compared to regular health-tracking smartwatches, most of which have optical heart sensors. Instead of using an optical sensor, the watch uses small electrodes held close to the skin to keep an eye on heart rate.

The ECG sensor will also keep an eye on your metabolism rate, track live training intensity levels and recovery times as well as 7-minute workouts that provide coaching guidance to achieve a ‘double-calorie burn’ in minutes. During workouts, animations show the wearer how to complete certain exercises, and there is a dedicated mode for wheelchair-bound users who want to train.


Not everybody can read a complex heart rate graph, which is exactly why the team has designed a simpler way to understand body’s data via VoFit Score. VoFit is simply a scoring system based on 10. VoFit calculates your body’s data for you. The scoring system can be used to achieve fitness goals or even just to maintain a healthy lifestyle. VoFit also suggests on how to improve your score and provides detailed analysis on what factors are affecting it.

Beyond the health tracking, the ECG watch works just like a regular smartwatch. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices, and delivers notifications from key apps like WhatsApp and Facebook directly to the wrist. Thanks to a built-in speaker and microphone, the wearer can even answer calls directly through their watch. The watch has battery back-up of three days on a single charge, confirmed by the brand.

In my view, the future of technology relies on accessibility; people want to be connected and wearable technology is trending. Access to the internet is perhaps most feasible through a wrist watch due to its portability aspect thus giving its user the option of staying connected at all times.

This bite-sized gadget becomes your media center and best friend especially in phone free zones and during activities such as exercise. Speaking of exercise, the new ‘health conscious’ generation might find the health-based features of the watch quite useful to keep track of their fitness regime.

The item and the concept itself is new to the world; I think it has the capacity to become big among the young cross section if the trend catches on which quite frankly is well underway. In such a situation the product becomes a necessity to a certain extent and also makes for a great gift for a loved one during the holiday season hopefully this time next year!

For further information visit: www.cronovo.com

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