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Your pill will remind you to take it

Your pill will remind you to take it

Most of our medical problems get aggravated due to the lack of routine in taking the prescribed medication. Rush University Medical Center has started offering FDA approved sensor technology based pills called “Proteus Discover” that send reminders to the patients, for taking the required medication on time. These reminders are sent to the hospital provided iPads that are connected with a web portal accessible by the physicians and nurse managers. Although there is an application available for smart phones as well, Rush prefers using these iPads to keep the patient data intact. Rush is one of the only eight medical centers using Proteus.

Now you must be wondering what kind of sensors are sending reminders to the iPads!  Rush researchers have made use of the naturally occurring sensors in our bodies by adding them to the prescribed medications. A sensor as small as a grain of sand gets added to the pill that a patient swallows; the sensor gets activated by the stomach acid and sends a signal to the Bluetooth enabled patch that is worn by the patients in their abdominal area. If the patch on abdomen does not receive the signal there is a warning message sent to the patient iPad. This magical pill enables doctors to set routines/patters for patients efficiently. Moreover, these pills are used to track sleep, heart rate, and other health markers.

At the moment Proteus is being used for patients with high blood pressure and Type 2 Diabetes primarily. It is only delivered via email through a pharmacy that works with Proteus directly for adding sensors to the medicines. The best part is that the cost of Proteus to patients is just the same as any normal medication.

Image Reference:    taken from Google.

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