About Us


Our team is enthusiastic and passionate about the future of new science and technology!  Our goal is to discuss and share revolutionary discoveries, novel technologies, practical applications, and positive opportunities to advance our society for a “better world”. Although the science of basic research is important, it’s equally important to understand the broad laws of nature. By combining new knowledge, science, and technology, we can maximize our collective capabilities both locally and globally to build a continuous learning culture and better society.

To that end, our company aims to search for key scientific discoveries that have transformation opportunity and will be applied in the near future. Our company, ComingTechs, is closely collaborating with the world’s leading researchers, institutes, and start-ups who are bringing the “new” science to the business industry.  Currently, our team is focusing on artificial intelligence, future healthcare, robotics, internet of things.

At ComingTechs, we highlight new technological discoveries and share their success stories via our online platform. Additionally, our platform serves as a bridge to help the scientist and technologist build the strategy, and offers a method to bring their discoveries to the market and society.  In the spirit of sharing, ComingTechs is publishing a weekly newsletter where subscribers have access to novel updates, new findings, and technology innovation.

For more information on ComingTechs and innovative technologies, please visit our site: http://comingtechs.com. Also, we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter and add RSS to your favorite news feed


Find new and coming technologies at our site: http://comingtechs.com. Please subscribe to our news form and add RSS to your favorite news reader.