Ad or Promote your business with ComingTechs

Ad or Promote your business with ComingTechs

Ad or Promote your business with ComingTechsComingtechs is offering 3 months free trial advertising at the TOP bar to the partners and collaborator. After the trial please contact with the ComingTechs team to continue it. A small fee is needed which will be help us to operate the site.

Ad or Promote your business with ComingTechs

For Advertising Placement send us your banner or image as following size: 

Ad Placement Size
Top Banner 728/80 or 800/80
Bottom Banner Area 728/80 or 800/80
Below Header Banner 970/90
Above Article Banner Area 720/80 or 468/60
Below Article Banner 970/90
Sidebar AD 125/125 or 250/250,
Sidebar AD 300/250 or 300/100

Do you have a product and services that you would love us to review or write about? Send an email to [email protected] with your thoughts. 

If your software is released under a proprietary license, please provide a license key.

Contributions and write as guest author

If you founded a new startup and started a new product/services that you’d like to share with the ComingTechs community, or a writer passionate about New Technologies, we’re happy to accept guest author submissions.

No need to contact us asking if you can make a guest submission.Simply send us your submission. If it’s good quality, original, and relevant to ComingTechs, we’ll publish it.

The article should have a minimum 500 words, be factual in content.

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