Farewell Create React App, Hello New Beginnings!

Say goodbye to Create React App and embrace new beginnings with a smile!


The React Team behind Create React App (CRA) has officially announced that it is saying goodbye to the project. In their latest blog post, the team expressed their gratitude to the community for supporting CRA and shared their excitement for new beginnings. The post also teased some exciting changes ahead, signaling that the React ecosystem is evolving and growing.

Goodbye Create React App!

The React Team has been maintaining CRA for over four years, and it has become one of the most popular tools in the React ecosystem. However, with the growth of the community and the ecosystem, the team has decided that it is time to move on and focus on new projects. In the post, the team thanked the community for their support, feedback, and contributions, and assured them that CRA would remain stable and maintained by the community.

Embracing New Beginnings

The React Team is not just saying goodbye to CRA, but also embracing new beginnings. The team is excited to work on new projects that will help developers build better and more performant applications. They hinted at some of the new features that will be added to React in the near future, such as the upcoming release of React 18, which will include new APIs and improvements to the core library. The team also expressed their interest in exploring new areas, such as web components and serverless.

Exciting Changes Ahead!

The post concluded with a teaser of some exciting changes ahead for the React ecosystem. The team is committed to making React more accessible, inclusive, and easier to use. They are working on new tools and frameworks that will make it easier for developers to build and maintain applications. They also announced plans to improve the documentation, community, and developer experience for React. Overall, the post signals that the React ecosystem is evolving and growing, and the future looks bright.

In conclusion, the React Team’s announcement marks the end of an era for Create React App but also signals the beginning of new and exciting opportunities for the React ecosystem. With new projects, features, and improvements on the horizon, developers can expect to see even more powerful and user-friendly tools in the React ecosystem.

Key Takeaways:

  • The React Team is saying goodbye to Create React App (CRA) after maintaining it for over four years.
  • The team is embracing new beginnings and working on new projects that will help developers build better applications.
  • The React ecosystem is evolving and growing, with new features, tools, and improvements on the horizon.



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