Interview of ARNAB PAUL: CEO, Patient Planet.

Interview of ARNAB PAUL: CEO, Patient Planet

Arnab Paul: CEO of Patient Planet

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Arnab Paul, traditionally a Biochemist by profession, recipient of Hurst Fellowship, American University, Washington DC, USA and Saltire Scholarship, University of Aberdeen, UK, found his calling in Public Health and gradually moved into Healthcare IT space with a vision to improve the health outcomes of the people of India. He is an invitee speaker at various forums including ASSOCHAM & Advisor to Health IoT Slam, NY, USA.



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Newsdesk: What motivated you to work in healthcare areas?

Arnab Paul: I belong to a family of doctors, my Grandfather was a Eye Surgeon of undivided Bihar, and my father Dr M.C. Paul was a Pathologist from the first batch of RMCH, Ranchi India. I have seen him working very closely with the patients and clinically interpreting the Lab results, I found this really interesting this motivated me to study Biochemistry. But after having done by MBA, I reckoned that the technology, the right tools, systems and processes are great facilitators that would help improve the healthcare ecosystem further.

But what really interest me is the great opportunity we have now with IOT, AI and Big data to disrupt and transform the healthcare ecosystem.

Newsdesk: Recently we have seen that India is implementing many digital healthcare initiatives. How are you evaluating this effort?

Arnab Paul: This is an excellent initiative, although mobile devices, big data, analytics, and cloud-based services permit almost every age group to use technology for better health, perhaps no generation is poised to gain more than the baby boomers. I envision a future with more consumer-driven, preventive medicine in which consumers can evaluate their own bodies and communicate with health care professionals on an ongoing or as-needed basis.

Technology can help relieve some of this burden on family members while keeping elderly people connected to relatives, caregivers, and healthcare providers. Of course, technology is not a panacea. Not all elderly or physically- or mentally-challenged people are candidates for remaining at home. But experts in geriatric care agree more elders could stay in their homes longer if they installed several of today’s technologies.

Newsdesk: Please comment about using the artificial intelligence and big data in healthcare. How do you see the potentiality and use of it?

Arnab Paul: Artificial Intelligence would be the next giant leap for mankind, Dr Topol in his book “The creative Destruction of Medicine” predicts that the digital revolution can spur unprecedented advances in the medical sciences, something that has not been thought of before where robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Clinical decision support system like IBM Watson will change the rules of the game.

Artificial intelligence will have a huge impact on genetics and genomics as well. Deep Genomics aims at identifying patterns in huge data sets of genetic information and medical records, looking for mutations and linkages to disease. AI algorithms can quickly ingest millions of samples in short order and glean useful patterns.

Newsdesk: You are closely working with HIMSS Asia-Pacific India Chapter. What are the roles HIMSS are playing in India?

Arnab Paul: The chapter was formed in 2010 and acts as the locus of all activities of HIMSS in India. HIMSS India I believe has the largest number of Healthcare IT professionals and healthcare domain experts in India. We are focused on providing leadership in healthcare information technology management. This chapter has the distinction of being the first Country-specific Chapter of HIMSS outside USA.

I was part of HIMSS India Committee 2015-17 and was responsible for Advocacy and other working groups. Membership drives & Social Media and my engagement ended this year in January 2017, but am a member of HIMSS India as I am also associated with HIMSS USA at the moment as their Mentor/Advisor for the year 2016/17.

Newsdesk: What are the trends you see in digital healthcare areas?

Arnab Paul: With a wider variety of providers on care teams operating in the digital space, I think it will be vital to pay attention to every perspective. Collaborative and connectivity apps will help providers build a cohesive team in patient care.

One major opportunity in implementation of technology in healthcare is in the wearable segment. The monitoring system by way of wearable would greatly enhance the quality of care and improve the clinical outcome. Implementation of technology would supplement the management of lifestyle diseases and chronic care management. In view of the changing demographic profile of our country it would be interesting to see how technology improves the clinical outcome and the general well being of the aging population. Wearable s could greatly improve and facilitate in remotely monitoring the patient, in recording their vital parameters and also in alerting the physician in time of emergency.

Newsdesk: What is your present focus in Calcutta?

Arnab Paul: We started off as a Healthcare on demand company after our tie up with IIT Ropar, but after our launch we realized there is huge demand for Wellness and preventive care, so we have recently launched a new vertical in Kolkata called Patient Planet Wellness, We offer Yoga Trainers, Therapeutic Spa, Fitness Trainers & Physiotherapy at home and now I feel we are able to provide full 360 degree service by offering preventive, Wellness and healthcare at home service.

We are also working on providing remote monitoring IoT devices.

Our present focus is to offer our Clients our whole portfolio of healthcare on demand services.



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