Interview: Dr. Josh Luke

Dr. Josh Luke:

Dr. Josh Luke


[box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]Josh Luke, Ph.D., is an international motivational speaker well known for his informative, humorous, motivational and educational presentations, the most recent presentation titled “My Miracle Story. What’s yours?” 

Luke shares the story of his career journey from fulfilling his dream job in sports marketing by age 26, working with professional baseball, football and basketball players, only to make a sudden drastic change and enter a training program to become a nursing home Administrator just a few years later.  From riding on private jets and booking clients for network television appearances, in Luke shares photos and experiences he lived personally with the athletes and superstars he worked with.  Until that is, his late grandmothers declining health and poorly coordinated care prompted a call to action for Luke — which led to a career change.  

After entering healthcare, his rapid rise through the ranks secured him a position as one of the youngest hospital CEO’s in the country at age 32.

Luke has delivered his presentation to executives, sales teams and at company meetings throughout the United States, in China, Panama, and Mexico. He has been described as an as an innovator, forward-thinking and a strategist on teaching organizations globally on how to position themselves for revenue growth.

Luke’s first book secured him a spot on the best sellers list in 2015, and he serves as Adjunct Faculty at the University of Southern California’s Sol Price School of Public Policy.  He is a national thought-leader and healthcare futurist, providing strategy and motivation for several Fortune 500 companies worldwide and counseling several of the leading health systems nationwide on the future delivery model.
Luke has been married 18 years and has three teenage children.  Regardless of one’s political affiliation, Luke translates a complicated delivery system to the layman and helps young families and adult children caring for seniors understand how to best navigate the complexities of a complicated the healthcare delivery system.

Both of his grandmothers suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease and then at age 65, his mother was diagnosed in 2010.  Since then his organization has raised and donated more than $25,000 to Alzheimer’s research.

He previously taught at California State University, Long Beach in the Healthcare Administration Department and in the School of Communications at California State University, Fullerton and multiple business and marketing courses at the University of Phoenix.[/box]


Interview with ComingTechs

Newsdesk: Tell us about your book “Ex-Acute 2017”. 

Dr. Josh Luke: Ex-Acute 2017: Ensuring affordable healthcare in America, What every American needs to know, is a tell-all book revealing healthcare industry secrets to explain concepts and advise how to save money on personal and family healthcare costs, and at the same time get access to the best doctors in America. First Obamacare, then the Trump effect. What’s next for those who just want to have affordable healthcare? Josh Luke, Ph.D., is a renowned healthcare futurist and is acclaimed internationally for his educational, motivational and often humorous presentations.  His most recent presentation is titled, “This is my Miracle Story. What’s Yours?”

Ex-Acute 2017

The route that led Josh to become a leader in Healthcare Reform is both poignant and inspirational.  By the age of 26, he accomplished his early career dreams of working in sports marketing with some of the biggest names in the world of sports, a position that would be envied by many.  Then, at an age when other young people are still trying to figure out their path in life, Josh made a drastic course correction in his career.  Listening to his heart, and seeing the drastic need to be a voice for the unheard, Josh was called to action by the declining health and onset of Alzheimer’s disease of both his maternal and paternal grandmothers.  Josh shares some of the heart-wrenching stories of his family’s journey through caring for an aging loved one, as well examples of the emotional and financial struggles and choices made not just by his family, but by so many Americans in today’s world.

In this book, you will read Josh’s story about the exact moment he made the decision to dedicate his time and energies to serving in the healthcare sector, rapidly rising through the ranks of healthcare administration, and becoming one of the country’s youngest hospital CEOs by the age of 32.  There simply is no one else with the vast knowledge and experience necessary to author this book, and provide critical information to those seeking care for their loved one, be it an aging parent, or simply caring for a child.

After learning in 2010 of his own mother’s diagnosis with Alzheimer’s disease at age 65, a time when most American’s begin to consider retirement and their golden years, Josh became a vocal advocate for Alzheimer’s research.  In 2015 alone, he donated more than $25,000 to the Alzheimer’s cause and continues to contribute to fight the disease.

With a rich teaching history in public policy and Healthcare Administration at numerous universities, Josh most recently designed healthcare coursework for the University of Southern California’s Sol Price School of Public Policy. He also dedicates time each year to be active in health care advocacy in our government, and Josh now shared his experience, knowledge, and inspiration worldwide. 

His first book, Readmission Prevention: Solutions Across the Provider Continuum was the top-selling health care book of 2015 for the American College of Healthcare Executives.  In Ex-Acute he shares industry secrets with family’s and business owners that will allow the reader to spend less on medical care for loved ones and at the same time get the best care from doctors and hospitals. Ex-Acute also serves as a handbook for individuals managing seniors through the final stages of life in assisted living and nursing homes.  This book is a must-read for professionals, adult-children caring for seniors, and parents wanting to ensure the best access to healthcare services for their children. 

Newsdesk: Now big IT vendors are moving to Digital Healthcare areas. How you evaluate it?

Dr. Josh Luke: Its long overdue.  American healthcare needs a personal medical record for each individual and could have had that 20 years ago, the hospitals just had no incentive to develop it. Now the government is forcing them to pay for it. 

Newsdesk: How you look opportunity of eHealth in Asia?

Dr. Josh Luke: Asia is ripe for EHealth growth. Everyone wants to know more about personalized medicine and how wearables and healthy lifestyle choices can improve health. It’s inevitable. I spoke at Health2.0 Asia in Janjung in 2016 and it was a big topic. 

Newsdesk: You worked in Healthcare areas for a long time. What are the key areas where it can be improved?

Dr. Josh Luke: In America, hospitals need to be transparent and control pricing. Globally, the shift everywhere is to patient-centered, affordable value-based care. 

Newsdesk: Some people have a negative view to implementing artificial intelligence in Healthcare areas. What is your view?

Dr. Josh Luke: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are essential in Healthcare.  I see companies like Microsoft and KenSci really making strides and hope health systems globally are receptive and move quickly to implement. 

Newsdesk: At ComingTechs we are focusing artificial intelligence, future healthcare, robotics, internet of things. What are the other areas that we should address also? 

Dr. Josh Luke: Watch what KenSci is doing in Asia and in the United States, There AI platform is one to be replicated globally!




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