Interview: Guillaume Panot

Interview: Guillaume Panot
Guillaume Panot

Interview: Guillaume Panot with ComingTechs

Newsdesk: Tell us about you. Where you grew up and your education?

Guillaume: My name is Guillaume (Giom) and I leave in Singapore for more than 9 years. My first job in Singapore was for an Oil and Gas company for technical products, I have always been passionate about the technical product since I am young. After being graduated with an Executive MBA, I decided to do something more meaningful, create something to help the society. 

Newsdesk: What is your career goal?

Guillaume: Most of us, entrepreneur, wants to have an impact and Guarday is a perfect product to give back to generations who spent part of their lives to grow us. Now it’s our turn to do something for them, there are so many things we can do. We just need to do it and stop talking about it.

Newsdesk: Tell us about your SOS and fall detection device. 

Guillaume: Guarday is like a 2 ways phone with a GPS and a motion sensor which can detect fall automatically. If the elderly don’t feel good it can press the alert button and worst he faint and fall on the floor, the device will send an alert with the location of the emergency, a few seconds later Guarday will call automatically some pre-registered numbers until someone pick up the phone. Everything works automatically. 

[box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]GuardayGuillaume and his co-founder started Guarday with a unique vision ”Keep the whole family happy, as long as possible”. GuarDay is the most advanced and discrete fall detection device that automatically sends a signal to your loved ones for help. Guarday ensure an assistance in case of fall and allow sensors to keep their independence and their activity level where it was left before the fall.[/box]

Newsdesk: What motivated you to make this device?

Guillaume: First when your parents grow older they fall down, we will all fall down, luckily not as bad as my mom which pushes me to finish Guarday product and have a robust solution for SOS emergency devices. It took me 2 years to develop a robust version of Guarday software, luckily I have a great team with me.

Newsdesk: Beside this tell us about your other projects?

Guillaume: We focus on making this product working very well in 89 countries, we have plan for a real emergency watch of course but it takes time to build something great. This is our next R&D project for 2018.

Newsdesk: You are living you in Singapore for a while. What are the differences you find interesting from your hometown? 

Guillaume: After 2 years in China and now 9 years in Singapore, I can say that Europe has interesting business model we can apply here. They need to be tweaked to be localized but the adoption here is slow and Singapore is a risk-averse country so it can be very hard for a startup to grow. This is something every entrepreneur should consider before starting their own business here.

Newsdesk: At ComingTechs we are focusing artificial intelligence, future healthcare, robotics, internet of things. What are the other areas that we should address also? 

Guillaume: Tech is a vast area, it is important to well segments the needs. IOT is at the beginning and healthcare needs them, it’s cheap but requires time to build solutions. We may recommend you have look at who can help these startups, we talk a lot about VC, accelerators but in reality, it is difficult to approach them unless you have already a running biz model. 

Newsdesk: Your message to ComingTechs readers.

Guillaume: Tech is a great place to be and we need people to be involved to support healthcare. Don’t be shy a developer is not enough, we need few brains to develop a great idea.


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