Interview: Ms. Angelina Francesca

Ms. Angelina Francesca: Founder of ARFIT CO.

Ms. Angelina Francesca is a philanthropist and serial entrepreneur who has been exploring ways to improve the way people grow. Graduated from Walden University with a Magna Cum Laude, Ms. Angelina has been putting her brilliant mind to use by becoming a different kind of entrepreneur to inspire others. Living by the slogan “We Are One”, she hopes for everyone to embrace diversity to make the world a better place. ARFIT Co is her second business venture. Her first business venture is a successful vegan athleisure wear ANJE REBEL that made it to the runway of New York Fashion Week.

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Newsdesk: ARFIT Club is called the “brain child of Angelina Francesca”, so how you want to present this?

Ms. Angelina Francesca: When ARFIT started in Dec 2016 by Angelina Francesca, it was the only community platform filled with fitness, wellness, business, idea, learning for free-lancers and entrepreneurs and it quickly covers 50 countries immediately. Friendships were built during the year of 2017 through ARFIT and we are determined to establish more positive friendship through a healthy bonding in 2020 through the new ARFIT social platform ([/box]

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Newsdesk: Is it like another social community app or this app have another goal to achieve?

Ms. Angelina Francesca: ARFIT is a social media app that allows users to share ideas, post, photos and videos from their lives, add captions, engage with others, explore and creep, and so, so much more — you just have to know what you’re doing so you don’t get overwhelmed! With the organizer topics, the platform makes it so much easier to connect with like-minded members.[/box]

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Newsdesk: How may ARFIT club help people with different communities? In a word, we want to know how many services are provided by Arfit club to the community now?

Ms. Angelina Francesca: Currently, ARFIT has more than 50,555+ active members with 48+ local business and free-lancers.[/box]

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Newsdesk: Which way ARFIT club will solve the problem of poverty & unemployment?

Ms. Angelina Francesca: ARFIT is able to increase the employment rate when businesses sustain healthy through better business growth. And ARFIT is able to empower more young people to start up their businesses through ideas by knowing that there’s a social platform where online courses and networks exist to guide and support them.[/box]

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Newsdesk: How ARFIT Club will help travelers? 

Ms. Angelina Francesca: ARFIT is a smart new way to understand, meeting new local people and discover something different every day, so travelers can make different experiences of their trips. There are many local hosts with various skills and services from these countries mentioned who provide genuine and honest services and products where travelers are able to connect and reach out to.[/box]

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Newsdesk: Whats is the message you want to give the society by “We are one, Wherever we are, We are a community.”?

Ms. Angelina Francesca: ARFIT Community where One connects to better fitness and real people’s experiences. We are in this together. This is a human effort. We always look out for one another. We have empathy, we know we’re all human, and know we can’t do any of this alone. We Connect, We Share, We Grow, We empower, and We live as one on ARFIT Co platform.[/box]

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Newsdesk: What is the goal of “ARFIT Happy Hour”?

Ms. Angelina Francesca: ARFIT Happy Hour’s main goal is to bring a healthy lifestyle to the office space i.e. co-working spaces and partners of ARFIT. Most of the people in the office in average sits at the desk for more than 5 hours remain and there are health and body issues resulting from the long hour of sitting at the desk and frequent computer usage.[/box]

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Newsdesk: “I am possible” is it the only goal to meet the fitness community?

Ms. Angelina Francesca: We are creators, leaders, and self-starters. We try new things, we challenge convention, and we’re not afraid to fail. – “I am possible”[/box]

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Newsdesk: What is the role of Partners in Arfit?

Ms. Angelina Francesca: The partners of ARFIT Community offer discounts, benefits, and opportunities to ARFIT’s ambassadors, members, and their own community. We collaborate together towards holistic goodness for all.[/box]

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Newsdesk: As a community presenter, what is your message to our readers? Please say in a few words, why should people join in Arfit club?

Ms. Angelina Francesca: “Looking for a way to share your passion with the world? ARFIT makes it easy and secure to earn money from that passion. By listing your experience with arfit you can reach millions of travelers and locals looking for unique services they might not find through more traditional channels.

It’s an opportunity to share your passion and talents with the world. You own the creative expression of your experience and have control over how you shape your brand over time. See you in ARFIT CO soon!”[/box]

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