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NewsGuard is evaluating news sources - ComingTechs

A start-up called NewsGuard is evaluating and rating the reliability of thousands of news sources. And it wants to sell this data to tech giants like Facebook (FB) and Twitter. (TWTR)

The stated goal: To help consumers distinguish between sites that are trying to get it right and sites that are trying to trick people.

Steve Brill, News Guard co-CEO, discusses his start-up that will evaluate the trustworthiness of news sources to help consumers avoid “fake news.”

“What we’re doing is no more and no less than telling people the difference between The Denver Post, which is a real newspaper, and The Denver Guardian, which broke a bunch of, you know, completely fake stories right before the election,” said Steven Brill, the co-CEO of the new venture. Brill previously founded Court TV, The American Lawyer and and Brill’s Content magazine, among other ventures.

He said several dozen journalists will be hired to produce the reviews. Read more


NewsGuard uses journalism to fight fake news. Our trained analysts, who are experienced journalists, will research online news brands to help readers and viewers know which ones are trying to do legitimate journalism–and which aren’t. NewsGuard will also provide “Nutrition Label” write-ups on the 7,500 news and information websites and video channels that account for 98% of engagement with news online in the U.S. These labels will be available before the midterm elections in the U.S. this November.



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